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Tagliolini with squid ink


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Perfect for flamboyant fish based dishes

Tagliolini with Squid ink

Code: 102
Packaging: 250 gr.
Portions: 4
Cooking time: 2 minutes
Drawing: Gold die
Eggs: fresh from only free range hens
Flour: hard grain wheat from Italian production
Expiration: 24 months
Dried pasta: umidità 12.50 % humidity at production
Dimensions: length 35 cm, width 1 mm, thickness 0.7 mm
Packaging: 10 boxes per master carton.
Ingredients: hard grain flour,whole fresh eggs 35%.


A thin pasta with a spectacular black color that does not however alter the classic egg pasta flavor. Perfect for flamboyant fish based pasta dishes.


CHEF: Simone Sacchi
Restaurant Villa Aniana

Squid Ink tagliolini with aparagus and fried anchiovies

Clean the fresh anchiovies removing their heads and slice open lenghwise to remove carefully the backbone, rinse quickly and dry on paper towels, flour and then fry in hot oil. In a frying pan sautè a garlic clove in extra virgin olive oil add the asparagus and cook for approximately 10 minutes. Cook the tagliolini in abundant boiling water and drain directly into the frying pan, add the fried anchiovies and tomatoes and mix together.

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