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A careful and meticulous production

Our Production Manager takes things seriously


The production phases:

  • We use only the Senatore Cappelli variety of wheat, considered for its particular characteristics to be the best available on the national level.

  • The flour is stored in 25 kilogram sacks without the use of silos to obtain a stricter control over the quality of the product.

  • Our pasta sheet is drawn using a unique GOLD die. The only one of its kind in the world.

  • The GOLD drawing creates a pasta with a more porous surface so the pasta binds better with the sauce.

  • Our eggs are exclusively in their shells and come from free range egg farms using only vegetable based feed.

  • The eggs are cracked day by day in a special production department.

  • Our pasta contains a 35% percentage of eggs and no water is added.

  • After cutting the pasta is laid out on special paper sheets to ensure the uniform drying of all surfaces.

  • The pasta is then dried at a low temperature (around 30ºC ) in a process that takes from 24 to 36 hours according to the specific type of pasta.

  • Our pasta is hand-packed to avoid breakage during this process.

  • The pasta is double wrapped to ensure that it will be in perfect organolectic condition up to the 24 months suggested as expiration date.

The Art of properly mixing the ingredients

The Mixer

A good dough is the secret of a perfect pasta sheet: to obtain it the ingredients must be carefully worked, for the right time and according to the correct recipe both during the working of the dough and in the phases before working the sheet.

Cutting Phase

After being drawn through the GOLD DIE the pasta is dried on ventilated drying racks, delicately cut and weighted.


A well coordinated and fine tuned work team



Work table:

After being transferred to the work table, the pasta is carefully wrapped in the traditional paper wrappers and then placed on special drying racks.


The correct degree of drying



The wooden drying racks are place inside the drying ovens and are left there until the perfect degree of drying is obtained.

Every single passage is done completely manually and is overseen constantly to guarantee the highest quality product.

Every product is hand packaged



We perform rigid controls during the packaging process to guarantee the high quality of our product and the correct degree of drying.

Every package of pasta has a double cardboard frame that guarantees the right degree of residual humidity, or hygroscopicity, within the package.


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