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Fettuccine di Campofilone


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Fettuccine di Campofilone

Ideal for both meat and seafood sauces

Fettuccine di Campofilone

Code: 104
Packaging: 250 gr.
Portions: 4
Cooking time: 2 minutes
Drawing: Gold die
Eggs: whole fresh from only free-range hens
Flour: hard grain wheat Senatore Cappelli variety
Expiration: 24 months
Dried pasta: 12.50 % humidity at production
Dimensions: length 35 cm, width 1 mm, thickness 0.7 mm
Packaging: 10 boxes per master carton.
Ingredients: hard grain flour, whole fresh eggs 35%.


Our most versatile pasta. Perfect with all types of fish based and meat based sauces.


CHEF: Simone Sacchi
Restaurant Villa Aniana

Fettuccine with mushrooms and smoked "Speck" ham

Clean the mushrooms and cook them in a pan with a little garlic. Brown the Speck ham with a clove of garlic, in the meanwhile prepare the fettuccine and when cooked saute in the pan with the Speck and mushrooms.
Mix well and serve immediately.

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